Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What EASTER means to me.

What Easter means to me by Anthony Lim.

I enjoy Easter, knowing there is a new life after this life. Thinking of you at Easter. I love that great
event----resurrection, a new creation, a new life eternally.
This is the greatest miracle in human history for all living things--humans, animals, plants and even living
planets like earth will all be resurrected. Good or bad people will also be resurrected--
all because of the munificent atonement of Jesus Christ, to wash the sins of mankind through his blood. Easter is a Godly event to give hope to mankind about life after this earthly life. It is the panacea of Christ life events, which is the manifestation of God's true love for his creation: "For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have eternal life". (John 3:16)

We should be greatful for each day living to see a new day; though earthly existence may be about 100 years old or so, like a particle of sand, when compared to eternity as oceans of sands; it is mind-boggling about eternity without an end, When I look at you smiling in the profile, it is a good indication that life is worth living, so make as much usefulness as you can; don't you agree with me?

I plan to write the Book of Revelation with summary and diagrams, so as to utilize my creativity to the full use. Do you know that it is the one Book which I read the most, even when I was a non-member?
I study the B. of Rev. as the most fascinating book of symbols. Now with the Book of Doctrine and Covenants , and additional information elsewhere, I feel a bit enlightened. This has given me more confidence to write about the B. of Rev. with summary and diagrams to flummox other writers with various interpretations.
Thanks for keeping me updated about your activity. Just keep writing. It brightens my life sometimes when I see so many emails, some of which are so inspiring but most of which are insipid to know. Yous have beautiful experience and joy of emancipation too. When I look at your smiling face, it cheers me up; life can be as rosy as a new born baby; it isn't the age, it is the love we have for and share with others, that gives hope for people who hunger for some hope and love. People are concerned not so much of how much we know, but how much we care. They are so many bright people around anyway; but few who take "time to stand and stare" or those who take some interest in you than just passing by. Most of us pass by along the way, like the priest and Levite in the Good Smaritan---so many people are meeting-oriented people---meeting, meeting, meeting but no time to stop awhile and say, "how is the day?" and listen to the reply. Most ask the question but hurry soon for the meeting. Jesus said the Good Samaritan was more caring than the priest, meaning non-members can be more caring than members who are concerned on carrying out their duties. True of deicated leaders too whose primary concern is to meet the appointed itineraries; following the letter of the Law than the spirit of the Law. The story of Jesus spending time with the sinners and had feast with them was a good example, and he also had time to talk to the Samaritan woman, which made the disciples asked him; "Why are you talking to the Samaritan woman" ( meaning why spend so much time with the enemy? The Jews had no dealings with Samaritans for 40 years)
That is Easter thought for you.


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