Wednesday, March 30, 2005

JOYLINK---The House of Lim

What's your beautiful name? Come to my World--JOYLINK webpage which describes "The House of Lim", family members, relatives and friends.

Where I live in the city stands the world's tallest building --the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I reside nearby this magnificent building, at Mutiara Villa, Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin, off Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumppur, Malaysia.
I have one daughter, Vivien Lim Kuan Hui, 25 and one son, Elisha Lim Keng Hock,22., and one grand cute daughter,3, Jaszlyn Kuan Jem McNair. Elisha is now studying International Business Management in BYU, Hawaii, on a scholarship after having served the Lord for two years, 2002-2004, at Ogden Utah Mission. For his last six months of missionary work, he served as the Zone Leader where his Zone produced the highest number of baptisms, indicative of the Lord's outpouring spirit in that area.

Robust in health and vitality for many years (even Hercules would smile on it), I love to meet a vibrant and cultured lady with a tittering sense of humor, who believes in everlasting love/TLC and life! I believe there are wonderful saints out there, please feel free to contact me. No need to be bashful , but just be bold to write me. Don't use pencil/pen, enjoy using Mingle email /card or IM (you will make Sara really feel delighted !) and I am there waiting at the other end to respond accordingly.

As long as you are mature in thinking, feeling, and loving-kindness, and has a great desire to improve relationship with each other (in partnership with God), we are crusing in the right track. This great relationship is possible when we know God has placed us here on earth BY HIS PURPOSE and we are here FOR HIS PURPOSE. Most people want to leave a legacy on earth to be remembered by our loved ones and friends, but an eternal legacy linked with HIS PURPOSE will surely cement a great relationship that cannot be broken down by any whims and fancy of this world. Linked with the divine relationship, we can really forged ahead strongly and joyfully. Anything short of this is likely to crumble. He has promised to carry through his plans " to give you hope and a good future" (Jer.29:11) and fulfill your dreams even beyond what you have asked (Ephesians 3:20)
A hundred fold-Mark 10:29-31) with a plethora of blessings for you to cherish!
WHAT A GREAT PROMISE FROM A GREAT AND MUNIFICENT GOD to those who value their close relationship with Him! I strive towards achieving PH.D (not the highest kind you know from the Universities!) but Please Him Daily, Praise Him Daily, Preach His Doctrine,Proclaim His Divinity, and Pray (to) Him Daily-WOW! When you pursue after these PH.Ds, you have no fear about His assured blessings for you and your dear ones! Don't forget this! Keep that firmly in your holy upper chamber! Do I sound like delivering a sermon? No, I am not. I just want to share with you all these from my experience, study and prayer/fasting--very nourishing to the marrow. Yes, I want to associate with someone special with such humble attributes and value K.I.S.S. (Kind, Interesting, Sincere and Sweet), W.O.W (Wise Observer -Woman) and genteel lady. You have all these attributes but just be bold and act by connecting through MingleLDS. Okay?

Knowing how to develop close relationship with loved ones or friends also requires the intake of five Vit. Cs which are:
bonding chemistry of COMPATIBILITY,
peaceful and trusting COMPANIONSHIP,
adorable effective COMMUNICATION,
affable COMMITMENT and
mutually uplifting spiritual/emotional COMFORT for partnership and for the Family,

Ah, yes, you have noticed (just testing your observation power!) the five Vit. Cs are proactive skills which are actually COMMON SENSE (hey! you are right, it is Vit. C too!). You will agree that keeping a family strong requires TEAMWORK and TEAMSPIRIT, isn't it?

After all TEAM means
Do you agree with that? I am a great and patient listener for exhilarating conversation.
So,if you appreciate my message (I would be delighted to know you---yes, YOU, my friend !) and think we are in the same wavelength, you are most welcome to give me a smile and I thank you for your time and fond thought.
That will be the first step to begin our one-thousand-mile journey towards good relationship and happiness ( Confucius).


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